Chapter 4 collection at the fashion festival


The Chapter 4 show was not the last show of Marta Banaszek's collection. Shortly after, Marta took part in Wybieg - a fashion festival at BCKiH "Wahadło" , where the latest collection was presented by non-professional models! On the stage - the catwalk, there were women presenting different types of beauty or figure, but also age. The idea of ​​the Festival is to show that fashion is for everyone and that thanks to it every woman should be able to feel her best self.

This is an idea close to Marta, who, as you know, apart from her activities as a designer, also creates those collected in the social campaign Dobra dla Młodych? Perfect for yourself. That's why Marta decided to take part in the event without hesitation. We are delighted with how these wonderful women looked in Marta's clothes!

See for yourself!