"Fashion during a pandemic" on Radio Kolor

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Fashion during a pandemic, everyone has heard about it, each of us asks a lot of questions. I had the opportunity to answer some of them on Radio Kolor.

Approach to fashion - a topic very close to me, as well as Radio Kolor itself. I love sharing the experience gained over the years, and even more so the experience gained during the pandemic. Running a brand, managing a team, inevitable changes - all this gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation to act.

Usable fashion, quality fashion, the current approach to what we wear, our fashion choices - I talked about this in the Saturday edition of Weekend z Kolorem. I encourage you to listen to the conversation led by the very nice Martyna Wawryło.


I also invite you to listen to the broadcast every Saturday from 30.01-13.02. Together with Martyna Wawryło, we will discuss equally interesting and important topics from the fashion industry, e.g. what is responsible fashion, how to give clothes a second life, what we can do for the environment, how to use fashion that returns.