Oversize T-Shirt Good For You? Perfect For You”

69,00 zloty

An advertising gadget produced on commission for the social campaign "Good for you? Perfect for myself”

A campaign about acceptance, self-beauty, self-understanding.

Our slogan is to remind you that we are always the best and PERFECT FOR YOURSELF.

Oversize T-shirt with classic sleeves, not waisted. Rounded neckline.


100% Cotton

Product size information:

T-shirt front width:

Bust circumference (s.34) - 42cm

Bust circumference (s.36) - 46.5 cm

Bust circumference (s.38) - 52.5 cm

Bust circumference (s.40) - 54cm

Bust circumference (s.42) - 56cm

Bust circumference (s.56) - 70cm

Please specify the size when ordering.